Our DHEA & Creatine are Not Synthetic Substitutes!

The exclusive combination of Creatine & DHEA in a liquid form is unique and offers the best possible benefit to the body’s nutritional and athletic needs.

In addition, because the Creatine and DHEA are already in a stable solution they are easily and efficiently absorbed into the body – that’s the key! Powders do not do this!

Scientific studies have shown that the body only absorbs a finite amount of Creatine and DHEA per dose. Therefore, low dosages in solution over time is the optimum method of taking these nutrients! Each 1/2 ounce dose has 3.5 g of Creatine & 37 mg of DHEA – compare that with powders! 32 doses per bottle!

In addition, we offer our product in a 16 oz. white plastic bottle with a cap that serves as a 1 ounce measuring cap. This bottle prevents UV deterioration and is small for easy storage and traveling.